“I believe the only way to live and to be truly successful is by collective effort, with everyone working for each other, everyone helping each other, and everyone having a share of the rewards at the end of the day”





About the foundation

The Shankly Family Foundation is a charitable organisation founded by the family of the late, great Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly.

Through reclaiming the Shankly name, the organisation aims to deliver projects which meet the values that made him a legend.  It focuses mainly on the two things that Bill was passionate about - grassroots football and young people.  

Supporting local and national organisations, it aims to promote community participation in healthy recreational activities through the provision of facilities and by creating opportunities to enable participation, particularly in grassroots football.

The organisation also aims to help young people develop their skills, capabilities and responsibilities in society through education and leisure time activities to enable them to become mature and responsible individuals.

"We all know the socialism Grandy stood for. Everyone working together for a share of the rewards. His legacy is huge and speaks for itself. I wanted to use the Shankly name to continue his legacy and to uphold his socialist values. Starting a charity in his name and helping people is a great way to do this."

- Christopher William Shankly Carline (Bill's Grandson)

Get in touch

You can contact us via info@theshanklyfamilyfoundation.co.uk or via Twitter @shanklyff or Facebook.

A brief guide to us and our vision....

Who and When.....

The second of September 2013 marked what would have been the 100th birthday of the late great Bill Shankly. Amidst the many celebrations and recounting of tales of the man himself; Bill's Grandson, Christopher Carline aptly announced the arrival of The Shankly Family Foundation; a charity set up in Shankly's name to support grass roots football and children and young people. Comprised of a board of volunteers including Chris as Chair; all of whom were handpicked by Chris as being individuals who bring contrasting expertise to the table in finance, marketting, youth, business and bid writing; the Foundation was created to operate in the image of the man himself; "everyone working together and receiving a collective share of the rewards."



Before becoming one of the greatest ever football managers of all time, Shankly was and always remained; a man of the people and a man with a great socialist ethos. It was at the heart of everything he accomplished and set the tone and was concurrent through all his methods and endeavours in football. Years after his passing; his legacy is firmly alive and prevalent amongst people and fans. A lot has been written and spoken about him and his achievements and many people have used the legacy to gain various benefits. In what would have been his 100th birthday year; the family felt that establishing a charity in his name would be the perfect method to build on and protect his legacy for generations to come; and something which would be perfectly deliver on his idea of socialism; "The socialism I believe in is everybody working together for the same goal and everybody having a share of the rewards. That's how I see football, that's how I see life." In challenging times of austerity and within our society, never has there been more of a need for these sentiments.

The focus of the charity's endeavours are to support grass roots football and children and young people; two causes close to Shankly's heart and two issues that are extremely relevant and topical in today's society. Shankly loved nothing more in his rare spare time than going 100 yards down the road to Barnfield Playing Fields (now the Bill Shankly Playing Fields) and having a kick about with the local dads and lads. He was often seen as guest of honour at local schools and amateur football team's end of season party's; giving out trophies and words of wisdom to budding players and managers. Shankly was acutely aware of the need to support the grass roots game into producing the stars of tomorrow, vehemently advocating the philosophy of scouring local grass roots and amateur leagues for talents and often coming up trumps in doing so with the likes of players such as Brian Hall and Steve Heighway. It was pertinent and somewhat obvious therefore that given how contentious the issue is of late about the lack of support to grass roots from the modern game; the the Foundation would work to support this cause.

Similarly; the issue of young people in our society; and the perceptions of them; couped with the lack of opportunities and associated temptations to slip into ASB and criminal activity are of topical nature. As already stated; Shankly had a lot of time for young people and would advocate the need for structure and support in their lives just as he had in his upbringing in Glenbuck. With society in times of austerity and further and further reductions in opportunities for young people, particularly in hard to reach areas; the temptation is for young people to under achieve and be caught in a cycle of decline, succumbing to the temptation to become involved in criminal or undesirable activity. 90% of the membersof the board have or have had a background in the public sector, working in the most deprived areas of the City; with a remit to support children and young people. Having seen first hand the negative impact a lack of opportunity can have on a young persons life; coupled with having worked hard with a host of fantastic youth providers who are part of our network of contacts; in addition to Shankly's socialist mantra quoted above; it again was an obvious choice for us as a Foundation to bring these contacts together and the experiences we have as professionals; to provide opportunity and structure into the lives of young people inthe most disadvantaged and hard to reach areas.






So what does the Foundation want to do? What is the vision? How do we actually plan to support grass roots football and children and young people? From day one; Chris has always advocated as the founder and Chair, that the Foundation should be a 'constant deliverer of activity,' an organisation that has a core service that supporters can buy into and beneficiaries can enjoy. Having said that, in the first 6-9 months; this wasnt feasible as a new charity; and the focus needed to be on building a profile and showcasing an ability to bring in grant fundung and manage such funds. With this in mind; the Foundation set about writing a number of bids to deliver small projects in keeping with the grass roots and children and young people themes. With considerable success being had with the grant application process (95% success rate); projects were delivered to support Liverpool Schoolboys Under 11's players and coaches; The Shankly Family Foundation Cup for local amateur junior football teams in association with the Liverpool County FA; play schemes for young people during school holdays, diversionary activity at key times of the year and the design, delivery of a Summer programme of activty for children and young people in the most deprived areas of Liverpool, sponsoring a football team who have now become known as The Shankly Family Foundation FC (@ShanklyFFFC), and working with a project in Hackney, London, known as Sporting Buddies. More information can be seen on these projects on this website, on our Twitter feed @shanklyff and on our Facebook page facebook.com/shanklyff 

The board of the Foundation has however, been meeting and developing exactly what Chris has pushed for; a vision for achieving becoming a 'constant deliverer of activity;' to allow us to function sustainably; an answer to the question, 'what is it that the Foundation does to achieve its outputs,' and a vision that we are actively looking for companies and organisations to be able to support us to achieve this.

Grass roots football and the plight of the grass roots community is very much in the spot light both nationally and internationally. The Foundation has met with the local County FA and met with the campaign members from the Save Grass Roots Footy group which is gathering momentum and support nationally; to determine exactly what the grass roots community want; in light of their perceived failings of the Football Associations attempts to filter funding and support down from the professional level to the grass roots game. The answers have been fairly simple; better facilities, better pitches, better maintained facilities and a reduced cost to access these facilties to be able to get as many young people playing football on top quality facilities as possible. Not every family can afford £5 per head to play football each time; often on sub-standard facilities and that is the plight that faces many individuals, with local amateur teams in the same category, having to pay increasing cost for their teams to compete in leagues on substandard facilities.

Equally,as already stressed; reducing funding available to local government and local organisations is making it increasingly harder to implement structured, sustainable provision for children and young people in our most needy communities; structured provision that works with individuals to engage, build trust and relationships, and work with the individual to understand what their interests and goals are and then works and supports them towards achieving their aspirations.

Deriving on our extensive expertise on the board from the public and private sector we have a number of creative initiatives around the social enterprise model to help us move towards achieving our goals of becoming self sustaining so as to allow us to achieve our goals of helping the grass roots game and providing positive activities for children and young people in a strategic, sustainable long terms manner.

To helo us achieve this, we are in need of financial support to pick up some of the one off capital costs to launch the venture, and seek to achieve these through fundraising, grant applications, and crucially; support from corporate sponsors who wish to associate themselves with helping the Foundation to meet its aims and visions. The strength of 'Brand Shankly' is as relevant as ever; and we are already attracting interest internationally from Asia and Africa.

We believe that in aspiring to this; a model of good practice can be formulated and the hope is that large corporate organisations who want to support grass roots football, will instead look to invest their donations and sponsorship with local and charitabe organisations who will ENSURE that 100% of the money is felt at grass roots level, where it is most needed.

"The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the rewards. That's how I see Football, that's how I see life."



How you can help:

1) Corporate Sponsorship

2) Donations

3) Marketting

4) Kit (for coaches and young people)

5) Volunteers

Check us out on Total Giving - www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/sffgrassroots


Instagram - shanklyff


The Shankly Family Foundation @ Holly Lodge

Chair and Founder of The Shankly Family Foundation; Christopher WIlliam Shankly Carline, has always stated that his vision for the Foundation is for it to become self-sustaining. Self-sustaining in that whenever the Foundation wants to deliver a project or programme in line with its charitable outputs, there isn't a need for the board to have to resort to fundraising or applying for grant funding; as neither carry any guarantee of success and both have timescales that may not be practical towards achieving the end goal. 

The Foundations joint venture with Holly Lodge school represents a first and exciting step in achieving this self-sustaining status in a manner that allows us to stay connected to the Shankly family history and ties in with our day to day charitable outputs.

Holly Lodge Girls' College in West Derby has just undergone (2015) an extensive new build programme that has seen an outstanding world class educational facility created. The school has historic links to the Shankly family being situated a mere 200-300 yards from where Bill and the family lived in their West Derby homes and where many of the remaining Shankly family still live. One of Bill's daughters and all 5 of his grand-daughters all attended the school during their educational lives. 

The school has outanding facilities, many of which can be used for extra-curricular activities and have a focus on sport and children and young people. Facilities such as an indoor gym area that can accomodate football and other sporting activities, all weather outdoor pitches, drama studio, indoor space for dance and fitness activity, there is huge scope for a plethora of activity to take place at the school to serve the local community and beyond.

The Foundation's remit at the school is simple. We will run the facilities out of school hours with the sole remit being for us to encourage as much usage and hire of the facilities by a wide range of organisations to ensure that a varied timetable of activity takes place to serve the local community and beyond. In ensuring a full timetable of activity, profit from hire will go to both the school and the Foundation, with the Foundation's share 100% being ploughed back into its charitable arm to allow us to start to become self-sustaining and using said profit to fund our charitable endeavours around grass roots football and positive activities for children and young people.

Our presence at the school will also be used to boost the profile of the school's world class facilities and to showcase it to prospective pupils from all over the City. It is our intention for the joint venture to be a long term partnership, and we will work with the school and service users to continually enhance the school facilities and to make it a centre of excellence for sporting, performance, artistic and cultural activities. We aim to make the school our base and our home, anchored to the already established Shankly family roots in the West Derby area; looking to deliver many of our charitable projects and programmes from the centre where practical.

As we seek to grow, we aim to grow WITH the school to create a centre within West Derby that provides world class facilities for a wide range of activity; and one which seeks to support grassroots endeavours and children and young people through the charitable endeavours of The Shankly Family Foundation.

If you want to learn more about Holly Lodge School, visit their website hollylodge.liverpool.sch.uk

If you want to find out more about what facilities are available to hire and/or book any facilities please call Hughie on 07515 637 130


The Foundation was proud to announce in 2015 the creation of The Shankly Family Foundation FC (SFFFC). Under our aims to support Grass Roots Football, we took the step of sponsoring and affiliating a local team in our name; to help support them and provide much needed opportunties for the local young players engaged within it.

The team competes at Under-14 level, but it is our aim over the coming years to build the project so that SFFFC evolves from a team into a club, which different age groups competing at different levels.

Team manager Joey Swift had the following to say;

"Anyone that gets involved with Grassroots football will tell you that it is an addiction, an obsession almost. No-one ever gets involved for gratitude, credit or plaudits. They do so to watch young people develop, to help make a difference and provide a set of morals and behaviours to help mould young people.

Every coach I know, myself, included; makes the leap the moment their son or daughter says, "Can I play football for a football team? "Fortunately this happened to me 6 years ago and made the decision for me to hang up my own boots and concentrate on my lad. We went to our local junior Sunday league and were lucky enough to be pointed in the direction of Cronus FC. This is a well-run club that believed in the ethos of football for all. As like most parents I wasn't looking for my lad to play for the best team, I had no interest in their league position I just wanted my son to be in an environment where he was able to enjoy and express himself.

As most coaches will tell you, grassroots football sucks you in and after only two months I had been elevated ot the role of coach. Most parents think they can coach any team and that they can always do better than the incumbent. However, not many last the season. When the coach decided he had enough, I stepped in.

Of the original squad of ten players in 2009, seven still remain with the team today. We have been successful in winning a trophy each season by developing the players with the right attitude. They are encouraged to believe that they can develop as players, that they will be able to achieve due to their new skills and most important that they will enjoy their football.



As the team has developed and got a lot taller, I had debated where i needed to take the team and what our ambitions were. Although we were part of a club environment we had always operated independently and were self-sufficient. I wanted a club that was like a family, where all teams, regardless of age supported each other and were proud to represent their club. It was through conversations with The Shankly Family Foundation and conveniently winning the inaugral Shankly Family Foundation Cup that we realised both parties had the same ideals.

As a consequence we were happy to become part of The Shankly Family Foundation and proudly play under the name of The Shankly Family Foundation FC."



NexGen Academy

Background NexGen Academy

We are passionate and dedicated people who have grown up in the Liverpool area and have experienced what it’s like to be rejected from school and the academy system. Although we were affected and our education suffered with the rejection we used it to our advantage to better ourselves and we see the NexGen Academy as a way of putting something back into our community, helping to develop young people to say that you can achieve something in life. We have 24 years’ experience of working in professional football, local communities, managing successful projects, managing successful teams and developing players who have gone on to bigger and better things. We also have experience of managing leisure centres and regeneration development projects in how they operate and engage people. We have also coached professional athletes and know the gaps in Academy Football and how to help young people with their education. This is why we have created the NexGen Academy; because we know the market to set up, know the provision needed, and the market potential, plus requirements for young people to become more rounded individuals. We also understand the profitability there will be, by helping these young people having these pathways in place. Since our time in these environments we have built up our reputation and networks so that we can build exit routes into employment for the young people who enrol onto our Academy. We are two very good role models in our community and want to help young people, and give them the opportunities into positive life choices.

Coming Soon! NexGen Academy! Helping shape the futures of aspiring young footballers

 Do you have what it takes to become a footballer? Do you want to become a part of the family? Are you dedicated and committed to train like a professional. If the answer is yes then sign up via our expression of interest! Email at info@nexgenacademy.co.uk

Our aim is providing an Academy based on football training, nutrition and educational packages. Advice, support and guidance will help develop, guide and provide opportunities for aspiring young athletes aged 14 - 21yrs, where they will Educate, Learn, Achieve, and Have the chance to reach their true potential. 

The Shankly Family Foundation has teamed up with the NexGen Academy which has developed a package of support. Our training package will support the current football system pyramid and enhance the opportunities for young people to make a career in sport, through using football educational packages and other sporting academic choices to support them in their development as a way of enhancing opportunities for the lives of aspiring young football players. 

Once enrolled into our Academy, young people will be supported and guided throughout their careers represented by Academy. The Academy is endorsed by professional clubs such as Morecambe, Chesterfield, Bury, Portsmouth and Rochdale and semi-professional clubs. The Academy will showcase their football talent plus give opportunities for scholarships in America via links cultivated with Chowan University, plus the opportunity to play in the Dallas Cup and the Disney Showcase which could also lead to young players getting scholarships out in America. The Academy will offer young people to be trained by FA Licenced coaches who have coached professional footballers.


This is a fantastic opportunity for young people achieve their full potential and offers young people the platform to achieve our mission statement of: To build and provide opportunities in places where young people are educated, learn, achieve and have the chance to reach their true potential.

If this is for you then express your interest by emailing us on the address above for further information.


NexGen Academy’s Alternative Education Provision:

We offer a range of accredited programmes tailored to the abilities and interests of young people.

NexGen Academy’s main focus is the support of young people who do not currently attend school or are at risk of being excluded.

We believe passionately that NexGen Academy, through our values, brand and reputation contributes significantly to helping young people who often face challenges in achieving positive educational outcomes. We want to help young people enjoy inspirational and transformational learning opportunities so they may develop and thrive as successful citizens. We deliver an innovative, personalised high quality 20 minute curriculum supported by local stakeholders and partners from other organisations and businesses.

With the view to a natural progression onto a pre-apprentice programme once school is finished. Specific professionals will be brought in to work in conjunction with the DFE Preventive Duty guidelines. Our service includes options around education attainment and employment, by building the students’ knowledge, understanding and life-skills that will improve and broaden their career alternative opportunities outside the academic environment.


Our Ethos is

  • To ensure young people are afforded appropriate progression routes which will lead to having a positive future
  • Work in partnership with other professionals, schools and agencies to raise pupils attainment and achievement
  • Develop innovative and quality driven approaches to learning
  • Deliver a curriculum underpinned by challenge, choice and customisation·        
  • Provide pupils with compassion and challenge within a stable and structured environment
  • Turn bold and creative educational innovation into tangible results through clearly defined leadership
  • Use robust governance to guarantee that high standards of learning are maintained and to challenge the NexGen Academy during its development.
  • Build pupils self-esteem and nurture positive self-belief by promoting teamwork, social and emotional awareness as well as promoting resilience and personal development and covering the transition from school to NEET to Apprenticeship work.      .



Shankly Needs You!

Are you good enough for Shankly? Is your ability worthy of the great man’s name and legacy? Come along to our Summer trials for the chance to play for one of the newest and most prestigious Clubs in Liverpool.
The Shankly Family Foundation FC are holding trials for players this Summer as we seek to grow the Club which has been in existence now since 2015.
If you are aged between 10 and 16, you could have the chance to play for the only official Club to carry the legendary Scot’s name.
The Shankly Family Foundation FC is the official Football Club of the Charity The Shankly Family Foundation. The Charity was set up in 2013 by the Shankly family, in what would have been Bill Shankly’s 100 th year. The aims and goals of the charity are to support Grass Roots Football and positive activities for children and young people.
In 2015, the Foundation were approached by a local team for sponsorship and from the conversations that followed; The Shankly Family Foundation FC was born.
Our goal is to create a Club, featuring numerous teams from varying age ranges playing across Merseyside supported by the endeavours of the charity itself in an attempt to give our players access to the best equipment, the best training facilities and life opportunities they wouldn’t normally have.
Our existing team have already represented the Foundation in Scotland and played games against teams from Hackney in London and a South African Premier League academy side.
We don’t just want to create a Club, we want to create a family. If you think you have what it takes, and are aged 10-16, register an interest below! When we have a time and location for trials we will make an announcement to all those who have registered an interest.
Good luck!
Christopher William Shankly Carline
Chair of The Shankly Family Foundation
Director of The Shankly Hotel